Coffee, mmmm…

I am dreaming of a steaming cup of coffee right now, its 3:41 am only 5 hours and 18 minutes til I am off work … time is moving very slowly. I was doing homework but gave up when I realized math gave me a headache and fucking around on the internet was more fun. Alas I am sitting here watching the snow cover the streets much to my dismay with my space heater borrowed from Byran keeping me warm. I am contemplating moving and actually making desired cup of coffee but after my incidents with the coffee maker on Monday morning am very worried. Although at some point in my life I did in fact work as a barista it seems those skills left me some time ago. It took me 3 attempts to make a cup of coffee. 3 horrible attempts. On my first attempt I poured water onto the grounds, unaware that there was in fact a second place to put water. On my second attempt I again managed to get water in the wrong place and hot water blew out the top narrowing missing my eye. On my third attempt under guidance from my co-worker/friend I managed to make a cup of coffee. No, it was not delicious in the traditional sense it was too watery and not nearly hot enough but it was heavenly in the way only a cup of coffee can taste after being up all night and needing to make it through those last tedious hours of work. Usually I skip out of work for a couple minutes, run to 7-11 and grab a huge cup to last me through the morning… however it is Wednesday 2 days before I get paid and I am broke. 😦 Leaving me another opportunity to perfect this cup of coffee I am going to attempt to make. Here goes nothing…


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