the massive amounts of filing at work has made me into a …


It’s official this October I will be running the Nike Women Half Marathon along with my mom and aunt. I got the email on Wednesday confirming that our name had been drawn. I am so excited! This will be my first half marathon. It should be good practice for my full marathon that I will be running on October 31 and if you want to donate click here ——> http://pages.teamintraining.org/dm/dublin11/lsyphus. 

All donations will go towards The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 

Self Portrait: Post Run @ Subway… I am a dork!

Running/Semester Ending/Summer School/Graduation

A lot of things have been happening this month, it has been busy busy. I finished my last presentation today for school wahoo. I hate talking in front of people more then anything so these last three days have been my own personal hell. I had to complete three presentations in two days, say what?! Thankfully I did it and without the help of xanax or a break down in the bathroom in tears to my mom about how I couldn’t do it. I got through it, on my own! A big accomplishment for me. When I first started college I actually ran away from a class and never returned because I was so afraid of presenting in front of the classroom. And with the end of these presentations comes the end of this semester. Double wahoo. Tonight I successfully turned in my research project and my final English paper (on a side note I never have to take another English class again, phew.) And I never have to set food in another college classroom again… yes that is right folks this was my last semester physically being in the classroom. I still have to complete this lame-o final take home paper and my community project but those seem like small nuggets after everything I’ve accomplished this week. Which brings me to…

Next week I am walking in my graduation ceremony and receiving a fake diploma! Yes, very exciting. Although I am done with classes classes I do have to complete my practicum this summer in order to get my real diploma. I am somewhat nervous for this endeavor as I am still working 36 hours a week on graves , and have no actual practicum lined up… yes that is me procrastinating until the very end. However I did meet with a hopeful placement today and hopefully that will all work out and I can stop freaking out about it. Which leads me too something else I have decided to do…
I got this crazy hair up my ass and decided to run a marathon. It started out simpler then that, me and my aunt and mom signed up for the Nike Women’s Marathon and I am not going to lie my main motivation was receving a Tiffany’s necklace at the end… who can say no to that little blue box? But then I went to this Team in Training meeting and committed myself to the Dublin Marathon on October 31st on top of raising are you ready for this…$4,800.00. Yes I am going to raise $4,800.00 by October 31st, Train to run a marathon and work somewhere around 80 hours a week. Donations of crack are also being accepted… jk. It feels slightly overwhelming but then again things always work out better for me when I let them pile up, I work great under pressure. And running a marathon as well as going to Dublin are both on my bucket list. My mom and grandma also booked flights out there so I will get to enjoy the sights and vacation for a 9 days while I am there. This is something to look forward too.
Onward… to tomorrow when I can get some rest, go running and enjoy some R&R with my cats. Hell, maybe I’ll even convince Byran to go see Gnomeo & Juliet at the Dollar Theater… wishful thinking?