I have never been so happy for Friday to roll around. Hooray. This weekend I am going to … sleep, run, see Pirates of the Caribbean 3, run, sleep, play the Sims… Did I mention Sleep? 
  • Next Week will be a short week for me: No internship on Monday and no Graveyard shift on Thursday. 
  •  This week was absolute hell… I did something to my knee last week and continued to run on it leading to extreme discomfort and pain. I rested it for 1 day and iced it and today when I went running it didn’t bother me as badly as it has been. This is good news.
  • I got my State tax return today… I am officially $73.00 richer, just in time for Nordstroms half-yearly sale…. or my savings account….
  • This Weekend I have a five mile and an eight miler planned. I can do this, I can do this…and more importantly I WANT to do this.


Monday Again.

It is officially Monday once again… time to start the old song and dance once more. The only solace I find in the passing of the time is that I am one day closer to finishing my degree and moving forward with this chapter of my life. I have been debating biting the bullet sooner then anticipated and looking for a job in Boston in January instead of waiting to apply for graduate school and then waiting to hopefully get accepted. I am ready to get out of Utah and expand my world. Although, I do enjoy both my practicum and my work it’ll be good to move forward. I don’t know what it is about Boston that seems so magical I have never even been there, but for some reason when I think about wanting to live there something about it feels right.

I ran 4 miles on Sunday, we all know by my posting of times that I am not exceptionally fast but when I get discouraged I have to remind myself that I have only been really training for a month and I will get faster, as well as build up stamina as I continue. I took this ab-fab picture of myself while walking back to my car.

I had to entertain myself somehow – it’s the little things right?

I Survived Rapture 2011

Since I survived rapture I guess that means I didn’t make it to heaven so while I’m waiting for eternal damnation
I  might as well live it up by….
Playing Games
And of course 
Kissing and Cuddling these two. 
even when they don’t want me too

this is how I feel today…. 
on the plus side I did complete my 10k as planned yesterday
attempted to run today and made it approximately 1 mile walking strolling at a grandma’s pace
oh well, better luck tomorrow


Today after I got off my internship and before I went into work I went to TJ Maxx with my bestest friend Benton, and it was there that he purchased me this fabulous purse. That gem of a guy got me a purse! I wanted it bad, but couldn’t justify digging into my college tuition money to fund it. I just went to look, you see today at my internship I had to use a reusable grocery bag to house all of my things. I had 2 bottles of water, an energy drink, a protein shake, a bag of beef jerky, a wallet and my glass case… and those things were not going to fit in the tinsy purse I generally use. Then while looking I found the perfect green JPK purse, it was lust at first sight. It was big enough to hold the multitude of liquids I use throughout the day as well as the misc. items that end there. I was tittering when he grabbed it from me and got it for me. So THANK YOU Benton. You really are swell.

Hey Vogue I am waiting for you to put me in your next issue… look at that pose!

It’s so big it makes my sandwich look small… loves it!
On another note here are some pictures of Benton and I when we ran/walked Memory grove forever ago. We have gotten so much more professional since that silly run…. we never stop and take goofy awesome pictures anymore…. right *eye roll*

And just for fun a picture of benton being a balloon moose at my graduation….


How adorable is this? I love Rockstar and I love pink… perhaps its fate.The straw is just a cute added bonus. It’s pretty tasty too. I’m obviously working hard at my internship 🙂

It’s almost the weekend!

I thought that today was going to be a rest day from running but that didn’t end up happening… what did end up happening was I ran three miles that seemed to take forever but really only took 38 minutes and 5 seconds, blah. I figured that if I ran today that tomorrow I could sleep in late, late, late and catch up on my rest. For the rest of the evening I am going to have a wondrous relaxing evening filled with these things I picked up from the store…

Cosmo, Bubble Bath, Mud Mask and Fizzy Tub Colors… they just looked fun and happy. Tomorrow will really be a rest day and then Friday I have no work and no internship so I can be focused and rested for my attempt at a 10k. Get it buddy.

Dean’s List

I signed on to check my final grades today and found this lovely gem of a note

I made the dean’s list!
who would have thunk this would happen to be… graduate school is become more tangible. YAY

6:56 pm

The day is slowly coming to an end and I get to go home from my internship soon. Actually I get to go to my real job which basically feels like home since I spend three nights a week there, and work with my bestie Benton. :D. Hip hip hooray. I woke up early to attempt to get a 3 mile run in, but ended it after 1.4 miles at a very slow ending time of 19 minutes and 49 seconds. Oh well, we all have off days. And today was made even worse because it was SNOWING. Ew, gross. It is May 17th people, why there was snow falling from the sky is beyond me. Thankfully I did some wash this weekend that needed to be done since February and therefor had a warm winter sweater handy to make it through the day. Since I have been indoors since 2 I have no idea what faces me when I leave this building. I am hoping for warmth.  I think tomorrow will be a rest day from running because on Thursday I am going to attempt a 10k on my own. I know I can do it, easy peezy.


How am I still awake? I had an overwhelming, slightly mortifying, partially happy, crazy day. I started my internship, I also worked a grave last night and I ran 5 miles… say what?! It was so awesome to go for a run after feeling overwhelmed all day, it was peaceful and relaxing. I ran trudged along my 5 miles at a 12 minute mile pace finishing in 1 hour and 17 seconds. The last time I ran five miles was on May 9 and it took me 1 hour and 11 minutes… I may not be a super star yet but its good to see progress. I really need to go to sleep as I have to wake up tomorrow and do it ALL again except this time in reverse: Run, Internship, Graveyard Job. Sounds super fun, I know you all are jealous. So goodnight blogger world, hopefully I will lay my head down on the pillow and be able to shut off my mind for the next 8 hours to re-charge.

Just in Case you didn’t believe me…. and also to feel cool 🙂