Turns out I love buying any shoes… whether it be running, high heeled or flat. I went and purchased running shoes this weekend… and ended up with two pairs. The second pair was definitely frivolous, but there hot pink how could I say no? I pretty much love anything pink. Cute, eh?

 Unfortunately that is not all I purchased this weekend, I am what some would call a shop-a-holic… that is what my boyfriend and my mom call me. I go into a store for a diet coke and end up with a shower curtain. I can’t help it, I have a compulsive need to spend money wherever I go. It is a bad habit and one I must fix. It gets worse under pressure, lucky for me I start my 70+ hours of work tomorrow so that should help end the need as I will be too busy to shop.

This weekend I also picked up my ever-so-lovely-and dorky eye glasses. I am obsessed with dorky glasses, the bigger the better in my opinion. I am  bored at work right now – hence the ever so sexy self portrait. *HAND PALM*

Tomorrow I start my practicum at the Cancer Wellness House, I am so nervous. This is my final step in obtaining my degree come August I will be a graduated BSW student and shortly after certified as an SSW worker. I cannot wait to take time off, next year I am going to focus on graduate school applications, moving far far away from Utah and running. Sounds pretty nice, eh? Oh and hanging out with my cats, duh. I am so obsessed with them, I am destined to become a crazy cat lady.On that note Adieu.

Actually I will leave you with this a picture of Pirate the Cat and me from “graduation” day. I have had Pirate since I was 6 years old, she is the best. She still lives with my mom but we still hang out from time to time.


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