6:56 pm

The day is slowly coming to an end and I get to go home from my internship soon. Actually I get to go to my real job which basically feels like home since I spend three nights a week there, and work with my bestie Benton. :D. Hip hip hooray. I woke up early to attempt to get a 3 mile run in, but ended it after 1.4 miles at a very slow ending time of 19 minutes and 49 seconds. Oh well, we all have off days. And today was made even worse because it was SNOWING. Ew, gross. It is May 17th people, why there was snow falling from the sky is beyond me. Thankfully I did some wash this weekend that needed to be done since February and therefor had a warm winter sweater handy to make it through the day. Since I have been indoors since 2 I have no idea what faces me when I leave this building. I am hoping for warmth.  I think tomorrow will be a rest day from running because on Thursday I am going to attempt a 10k on my own. I know I can do it, easy peezy.


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