Today after I got off my internship and before I went into work I went to TJ Maxx with my bestest friend Benton, and it was there that he purchased me this fabulous purse. That gem of a guy got me a purse! I wanted it bad, but couldn’t justify digging into my college tuition money to fund it. I just went to look, you see today at my internship I had to use a reusable grocery bag to house all of my things. I had 2 bottles of water, an energy drink, a protein shake, a bag of beef jerky, a wallet and my glass case… and those things were not going to fit in the tinsy purse I generally use. Then while looking I found the perfect green JPK purse, it was lust at first sight. It was big enough to hold the multitude of liquids I use throughout the day as well as the misc. items that end there. I was tittering when he grabbed it from me and got it for me. So THANK YOU Benton. You really are swell.

Hey Vogue I am waiting for you to put me in your next issue… look at that pose!

It’s so big it makes my sandwich look small… loves it!
On another note here are some pictures of Benton and I when we ran/walked Memory grove forever ago. We have gotten so much more professional since that silly run…. we never stop and take goofy awesome pictures anymore…. right *eye roll*

And just for fun a picture of benton being a balloon moose at my graduation….


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