Monday Again.

It is officially Monday once again… time to start the old song and dance once more. The only solace I find in the passing of the time is that I am one day closer to finishing my degree and moving forward with this chapter of my life. I have been debating biting the bullet sooner then anticipated and looking for a job in Boston in January instead of waiting to apply for graduate school and then waiting to hopefully get accepted. I am ready to get out of Utah and expand my world. Although, I do enjoy both my practicum and my work it’ll be good to move forward. I don’t know what it is about Boston that seems so magical I have never even been there, but for some reason when I think about wanting to live there something about it feels right.

I ran 4 miles on Sunday, we all know by my posting of times that I am not exceptionally fast but when I get discouraged I have to remind myself that I have only been really training for a month and I will get faster, as well as build up stamina as I continue. I took this ab-fab picture of myself while walking back to my car.

I had to entertain myself somehow – it’s the little things right?

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