back in the game….

After sleeping and hanging out for a bit I decided I should go on a run, this week has been a major suck fest every time I have attempted. Monday and Tuesday I did a 1.5 mile run and felt like I was dying both times, hence while the distance is so short. Wednesday I completed a 3 miler and ever step was a challenge, I felt like I had never worked out moved in my life. But today, today the stars aligned and I had an excellent run. I only did 3.1 miles as I have a group run in the morning but I felt like I could have kept going. I had no leg pain, which has been a problem the last few weeks and I didn’t feel like I was about to keel over at any minute. My time wasn’t any better, but I felt really good. The Break Down: I ate something a few hours before going running, I hydrated last night as well as before, I took a Naproxen ( a no no) but I was desperate to run and not feel pain, my allergies weren’t acting up so I could breath properly, and my Nike Plus + Ipod were not being finicky like they have the last few times = 1 major success. I hope I am able to recreate this lovelyness tomorrow while doing my 5 miler.

Today on my run I also tested out my new shoes that I haven’t worn yet the Asics Gel Speed Star 5, they felt so nice and light while running and I also felt my form was improved (although this again could have been due to lack of leg pain.) They are also adorable.

After my run B and I ate chicken nuggets (yum) and also exciting enough to blog about apparently?! and went and saw the movie Hop. It was so cute and put me in a feel good mood. Anyways it way past my bedtime, I have to wake up at 6 tomorrow to pick up Benton and be to Gardner Village @8. I had a terrible run the last time at I was at Gardner Village so hopefully I’ll be able to make better memories there tomorrow…


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