It has been forever and a day since I have posted on here, things got way too busy and it fell to the wayside. I think the easiest way to update you all is to make a list:
  • I graduated from the University of Utah in August with a degree in Social Work
  • I ran the NWM 1/2 Marathon in October
  • I ran the Dublin Marathon on October 31
  • I no longer work at Odyssey House (thank my lucky stars)
  • I work PRN at The Montessori School of Salt Lake and Cancer Wellness House and PRN at Highland Ridge
  • I moved in with Byran officially in July
Things I am looking forward too:
  • applying to graduate school out of state
  • running the LA and Salt Lake Marathon in the spring
  • going to Disneyland with Benton on vacation
  • finding a full time job
  • The Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving