Happy Thursday!

This week went by quickly, thank goodness. There is nothing worse then a SLOW week. Today is a rest day but tomorrow I will be running a half marathon on the treadmill. Just me, my ipad and 13.1 sweet miles. Round and around we go. I didn’t sleep very well last night, its time like this I am so happy Netflix exists: I was able to watch Cruel Intentions, Heartbreakers and Wish Upon a Star… does anybody remember that movie? I was so excited to see it on instant streaming, it was my favorite Disney Channel Original Movie. Well that and Zenon, if only that was on Netflix…



For this past week I have been feeling extremely nauseas. It does not feel good. And more then once I have used it as an excuse to “post-pone” my run. However, that marathon is coming full speed ahead and prepared or not I am going to finish. I have decided to start using it as “fuel” for training and changing my mental attitude… It may not feel good, but chances are I am going to feel worse for the last six miles of my marathon and its good to know I can buckle down and keep running.

The majority of my runs are completed on the treadmill, I cannot stand running in the heat. I love being able to zone out and watch S.V.U or at the end of a busy week run in complete silence without the fear of being hit by a car startling me into hyper alertness. I love having an unlimited supply of water by my side and a huge fan blowing on me. When I first switched from running outdoors to indoors I was worried it wouldn’t translate into “real running life.” And that being able to finish 20 miles on a treadmill did not mean I could finish 20 miles on the road, surprisingly it has not been an issue and for the most part I have actually become faster when hitting the pavement. My runs are completed at a 1% incline and I alternate between run/walking… yes I am the dreaded (by some) run/walker but its a method that works for me and gets me one step closer to the finish line. At the end of the day my goal to finish.

I just got home from the gym and finished 3.0 miles in 36:45 now it is time to eat delicious Crown Burger – Jr. Cheeseburger, fries and delicious fry sauce! And watch the much anticipated (by me) season finale of Teen Mom. Yes, I am obsessed with this show and I can’t believe its over. I will miss the antics of Farrah and Amber as well as Macy and sweet Caitlin. Love me some reality T.V. Fun Fact: I do indeed have Macy’s autograph. It makes me cry just thinking about it 😉 Tomorrow is Thursday, yay for the week coming to a close.


Many things are causing me anxiety these days and while I would love to pretend everything is “fabulous” its simply not true.

1) Moving – While I am so excited to move and start school and have a new adventure part of me worries its the wrong decision. I will be leaving my family, friends, job and everything that is familiar. I get anxious thinking I will be oh so lonely and that after being out of school for a year  it will be more difficult then I imagined. I will miss my friends and family and especially Byran. Its always hard to know when you are making the right decision for the right reasons. While I feel like it is the right decision for me, it does not come without apprehension.

2) Buying a couch – What a dumb thing to feel anxious about! But I have had nightmares about purchasing a couch, I have spent countless hours pursing the internet wondering what type of couch I should purchase. For every positive review about one I find that I like there seems to be a negative… and it sends me in a downward spiral of doubt about what I should buy. Should I purchase a cheap couch or should I spring for something more expensive that will last longer? Why is this causing me so much anxiety. For me a couch represents comfort and relaxation, and being in a new environment those seems like two things I will need which brings me back to my anxiety about moving and being in a new environment.

3) Marathon Training – I committed to too much this summer, I finked around and I didn’t train as much as I did last summer. I am starting to get it together and truth be told I always feel under trained and under prepared when it comes time to run the marathon but thinking about completing 26.2 miles in October terrifies me. I have to keep reminding myself that I have done it  before and I will do it again. Run through the pain … right?

In the end I know everything will be alright, but I think I will feel better once I am there and know I can make it instead of anticipating all that can go wrong. Hurry up September 15th, I am ready to get it over with already!

I’ll See You in the Walla Walla

Its official, I am moving to Walla Walla for Graduate school. I will live there for approximately one year while I complete my M.S.W. and then it will be back to Salt Lake City. I am moving on September 15 and have found the cutest duplex. I am so excited for all the new adventures to be had. I am also excited to be done with my education.

Other Exciting (Running) News:

Indian Summer Half Marathon in the Tri-Cities on September 22: I am debating signing up for this run. It would be my first half in my new location. But I may or may not still have company while moving and I have never ran an event without knowing someone was near by in case something happened. That being said I think it would be a great way to explore my surroundings and to get a training run in.

Nike Women’s Marathon on October 14th: last year I ran the half and this year I will be running the full. It is an incredible event, I can’t wait to add to my “bling” collection and also to travel to San Francisco and spend time with my mom, aunt and grandma.

The Walla Walla Crush 10K on October 20: This is again tentative as I may be too sore from the marathon the week before that I will most likely be under-trained for but we’ll see. I would also love to find a race near-by to run on Thanksgiving since I will not be able to go home this year. So i’ll be keeping my eye out for that.

Some sweet pictures from last year’s NWM Half: