Many things are causing me anxiety these days and while I would love to pretend everything is “fabulous” its simply not true.

1) Moving – While I am so excited to move and start school and have a new adventure part of me worries its the wrong decision. I will be leaving my family, friends, job and everything that is familiar. I get anxious thinking I will be oh so lonely and that after being out of school for a year  it will be more difficult then I imagined. I will miss my friends and family and especially Byran. Its always hard to know when you are making the right decision for the right reasons. While I feel like it is the right decision for me, it does not come without apprehension.

2) Buying a couch – What a dumb thing to feel anxious about! But I have had nightmares about purchasing a couch, I have spent countless hours pursing the internet wondering what type of couch I should purchase. For every positive review about one I find that I like there seems to be a negative… and it sends me in a downward spiral of doubt about what I should buy. Should I purchase a cheap couch or should I spring for something more expensive that will last longer? Why is this causing me so much anxiety. For me a couch represents comfort and relaxation, and being in a new environment those seems like two things I will need which brings me back to my anxiety about moving and being in a new environment.

3) Marathon Training – I committed to too much this summer, I finked around and I didn’t train as much as I did last summer. I am starting to get it together and truth be told I always feel under trained and under prepared when it comes time to run the marathon but thinking about completing 26.2 miles in October terrifies me. I have to keep reminding myself that I have done it  before and I will do it again. Run through the pain … right?

In the end I know everything will be alright, but I think I will feel better once I am there and know I can make it instead of anticipating all that can go wrong. Hurry up September 15th, I am ready to get it over with already!


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