I’ll See You in the Walla Walla

Its official, I am moving to Walla Walla for Graduate school. I will live there for approximately one year while I complete my M.S.W. and then it will be back to Salt Lake City. I am moving on September 15 and have found the cutest duplex. I am so excited for all the new adventures to be had. I am also excited to be done with my education.

Other Exciting (Running) News:

Indian Summer Half Marathon in the Tri-Cities on September 22: I am debating signing up for this run. It would be my first half in my new location. But I may or may not still have company while moving and I have never ran an event without knowing someone was near by in case something happened. That being said I think it would be a great way to explore my surroundings and to get a training run in.

Nike Women’s Marathon on October 14th: last year I ran the half and this year I will be running the full. It is an incredible event, I can’t wait to add to my “bling” collection and also to travel to San Francisco and spend time with my mom, aunt and grandma.

The Walla Walla Crush 10K on October 20: This is again tentative as I may be too sore from the marathon the week before that I will most likely be under-trained for but we’ll see. I would also love to find a race near-by to run on Thanksgiving since I will not be able to go home this year. So i’ll be keeping my eye out for that.

Some sweet pictures from last year’s NWM Half:

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