For this past week I have been feeling extremely nauseas. It does not feel good. And more then once I have used it as an excuse to “post-pone” my run. However, that marathon is coming full speed ahead and prepared or not I am going to finish. I have decided to start using it as “fuel” for training and changing my mental attitude… It may not feel good, but chances are I am going to feel worse for the last six miles of my marathon and its good to know I can buckle down and keep running.

The majority of my runs are completed on the treadmill, I cannot stand running in the heat. I love being able to zone out and watch S.V.U or at the end of a busy week run in complete silence without the fear of being hit by a car startling me into hyper alertness. I love having an unlimited supply of water by my side and a huge fan blowing on me. When I first switched from running outdoors to indoors I was worried it wouldn’t translate into “real running life.” And that being able to finish 20 miles on a treadmill did not mean I could finish 20 miles on the road, surprisingly it has not been an issue and for the most part I have actually become faster when hitting the pavement. My runs are completed at a 1% incline and I alternate between run/walking… yes I am the dreaded (by some) run/walker but its a method that works for me and gets me one step closer to the finish line. At the end of the day my goal to finish.

I just got home from the gym and finished 3.0 miles in 36:45 now it is time to eat delicious Crown Burger – Jr. Cheeseburger, fries and delicious fry sauce! And watch the much anticipated (by me) season finale of Teen Mom. Yes, I am obsessed with this show and I can’t believe its over. I will miss the antics of Farrah and Amber as well as Macy and sweet Caitlin. Love me some reality T.V. Fun Fact: I do indeed have Macy’s autograph. It makes me cry just thinking about it 😉 Tomorrow is Thursday, yay for the week coming to a close.


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