Keep it coming love

I am back in love with running, say what?! I was supposed to do a 13.1 mile run on Friday on the treadmill but I ended up staying up too late the night before and hanging out too long during the day so I bumped it till Sunday. Sunday rolls around and it went from 13.1 to 11. Oh well, my training plan has been adjusted and I think I will survive. I completed 5 of my miles outside and 6 on the treadmill. My miles outside were wondrously lovely and accidental. I was driving to the gym when I passed Liberty Park and had I just had to stop and run around a few times. It’s my favorite place to run and I will definitely miss it when I move. My goal this weekend is to complete the majority of my 14 mile run outside and wake up early this time to beat the heat and make it more bearable. I didn’t start running til 1:30 PM on Sunday.


a breakdown of the rest of the LONG weekend


Hung out with Benton and we accomplished the following things:

  • Shopping @ TJ Maxx
  • TCBY
  • Dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen
  • Shopping at the Mall.
  • Couch Shopping

= overall a very “productive”day



  1. Worked from 9:00 – 1:00 PM
  2. Ran 2 Miles
  3. Went and saw a movie at the dollar theater The Watch



  1. Running
  2. Sleeping
  3. Eating
  4. Sleeping


  1. Went out to breakfast with Byran at Village Inn
  2. Watched a zillion episodes of Make It or Break It on Netflix
  3. Went and saw Hope Springs with my mom and a zillion of other sr. citizens in the theater
  4. Rented Wonderlust watched @ home with Byran, I ❤ it.


So there you go this weekend I ran some miles and watched a whole bunch of movies and television. Sweet!