Happy Motivation Monday!
I think the below picture portrays my thoughts accurately
My week got off to a crappy start yesterday when I…
Locked my Keys in the car
Almost lost my iphone because I left it on my trunk while driving
Had terrible allergies that prevented ultimate sleeping
attempted to run yesterday but was too sore
crazy sore throat that won’t go away
my ifitness belt still hasn’t arrived… I ordered it a month ago
there were some good things that happened this weekend though…
I completed my Saturday 6 miler at my goal pace
 I got new pillows at a ridiculous cheap price
Ordered a magic bullet from Macy’s for 29.99
they were having a discount weekend because I also ordered
a cute Nike Running Skirt  for $35
damn I love good deals!
No I am at my internship and a new source of frustration is occuring
the University of Utah’s website keeps timing out so I cannot access the things I need
 to finish my project.
Seriously I have been trying to use it for an hour…
And finally today’s word of the day is …
which means: to feign sickness in order to avoid duty or work
an example would be….
I wish I would have pulled a malinger this Monday.
for anybody out there that actually reads this… 
Have you ever faked sickness aka malingered to avoid work or school?
I used to do it all the time when I was in elementary school/middle school… but the time I got to high school I realized I could just not show up and the only thing that would occur was an automated phone call. I never call in sick to work, I get to nervous even when I am actually sick.
What excuse did you use?
Mom: I threw up, I have a fever, my allergies are really bad