Today I turn 24… so long to 23. I am sad to see it go 23 ended up being an amazing year, I was able to do and complete so many things I never thought I would accomplish. This year I ran three half marathons, two marathons, graduated from college, I got to visit Dublin and London, and overall start to feel like I have some real direction in life. When I graduated from high school, I went completely off the deep end I had no idea what I was doing and I was just a mess in general. I was afraid the same thing would happen when I graduated from college so I threw myself into running knowing I needed something to keep me afloat. It ended up being something truly remarkable, and has bettered my life in so many ways. I was the girl who dreaded gym class and would skip it for any reason possible.. today I can now say…

So much changed for me in my 23rd year, I feel like 24 can’t beat it but I do have some exciting things to look forward to this year. The Salt Lake Marathon on April 21st, The NWM Marathon in October and possible the NY marathon in November. Last my not least my ultimate goal of finally leaving UT, hopefully will happen. I am applying to graduate school at Walla Walla University the deadline is June 1st so hopefully I’ll be able to stop procrastinating like I have done all year for school and get my application in on time. 
So as far as plans for my birthday go, I do have to work awhile, then dinner at Mazza... the most delicious place to eat.  Other then that relaxing and reading the hunger games. Sounds pretty perfect. 
I am obsessed with the Hunger Games, after seeing the movie I am reading the book with a vengeance.