Happy Motivation Monday!
I think the below picture portrays my thoughts accurately
My week got off to a crappy start yesterday when I…
Locked my Keys in the car
Almost lost my iphone because I left it on my trunk while driving
Had terrible allergies that prevented ultimate sleeping
attempted to run yesterday but was too sore
crazy sore throat that won’t go away
my ifitness belt still hasn’t arrived… I ordered it a month ago
there were some good things that happened this weekend though…
I completed my Saturday 6 miler at my goal pace
 I got new pillows at a ridiculous cheap price
Ordered a magic bullet from Macy’s for 29.99
they were having a discount weekend because I also ordered
a cute Nike Running Skirt  for $35
damn I love good deals!
No I am at my internship and a new source of frustration is occuring
the University of Utah’s website keeps timing out so I cannot access the things I need
 to finish my project.
Seriously I have been trying to use it for an hour…
And finally today’s word of the day is …
which means: to feign sickness in order to avoid duty or work
an example would be….
I wish I would have pulled a malinger this Monday.
for anybody out there that actually reads this… 
Have you ever faked sickness aka malingered to avoid work or school?
I used to do it all the time when I was in elementary school/middle school… but the time I got to high school I realized I could just not show up and the only thing that would occur was an automated phone call. I never call in sick to work, I get to nervous even when I am actually sick.
What excuse did you use?
Mom: I threw up, I have a fever, my allergies are really bad

back in the game….

After sleeping and hanging out for a bit I decided I should go on a run, this week has been a major suck fest every time I have attempted. Monday and Tuesday I did a 1.5 mile run and felt like I was dying both times, hence while the distance is so short. Wednesday I completed a 3 miler and ever step was a challenge, I felt like I had never worked out moved in my life. But today, today the stars aligned and I had an excellent run. I only did 3.1 miles as I have a group run in the morning but I felt like I could have kept going. I had no leg pain, which has been a problem the last few weeks and I didn’t feel like I was about to keel over at any minute. My time wasn’t any better, but I felt really good. The Break Down: I ate something a few hours before going running, I hydrated last night as well as before, I took a Naproxen ( a no no) but I was desperate to run and not feel pain, my allergies weren’t acting up so I could breath properly, and my Nike Plus + Ipod were not being finicky like they have the last few times = 1 major success. I hope I am able to recreate this lovelyness tomorrow while doing my 5 miler.

Today on my run I also tested out my new shoes that I haven’t worn yet the Asics Gel Speed Star 5, they felt so nice and light while running and I also felt my form was improved (although this again could have been due to lack of leg pain.) They are also adorable.

After my run B and I ate chicken nuggets (yum) and also exciting enough to blog about apparently?! and went and saw the movie Hop. It was so cute and put me in a feel good mood. Anyways it way past my bedtime, I have to wake up at 6 tomorrow to pick up Benton and be to Gardner Village @8. I had a terrible run the last time at I was at Gardner Village so hopefully I’ll be able to make better memories there tomorrow…

On and On

It seems as though I don’t have time to do anything anymore, I am either interning, working, running or sleeping. I want my life back. I think this is the first time I’ve said this ever, but I cannot wait for the summer to be over. Next year I am literally not going to do a thing, I am going to kick back, relax and enjoy life. It will be so awesome to only have to worry about work, and not school. It is has not only been a exhausting summer, but an exhausting year. It is the first year I have maintained a full time job while going to school, one of the many joys of getting older I suppose. I am happy that it is Friday, I pumped out my school work quickly upon my arrival at work and have been having a 16 and Pregnant marathon. I have needed to catch up on the last few episodes. I love this show.

This show pretty much scares me straight into never wanting to have kids, at least not anytime soon. It all looks overwhelming, I don’t think I could do it at 23 let alone 16. Being a mother seems like a very selfless job and I know I am not ready for that.

I am now counting down the hours until I get to go home, 6 hours and 13 minutes….

This Weekend I am looking forward to:
  • Sleeping
  • Not waking up to an alarm
  • Sleeping for more then 4 hour time frames
  • Waking up to Boris cuddling with me
  • Spending time with all of the cats
  • Hanging out with Byran
  • Enjoy being at home 
  • Not having to worry about what to do on a Friday night
  • or a Saturday night
  • Did I mention Sleep?

OH yes the joys of the WEEKEND.


I have never been so happy for Friday to roll around. Hooray. This weekend I am going to … sleep, run, see Pirates of the Caribbean 3, run, sleep, play the Sims… Did I mention Sleep? 
  • Next Week will be a short week for me: No internship on Monday and no Graveyard shift on Thursday. 
  •  This week was absolute hell… I did something to my knee last week and continued to run on it leading to extreme discomfort and pain. I rested it for 1 day and iced it and today when I went running it didn’t bother me as badly as it has been. This is good news.
  • I got my State tax return today… I am officially $73.00 richer, just in time for Nordstroms half-yearly sale…. or my savings account….
  • This Weekend I have a five mile and an eight miler planned. I can do this, I can do this…and more importantly I WANT to do this.

Monday Again.

It is officially Monday once again… time to start the old song and dance once more. The only solace I find in the passing of the time is that I am one day closer to finishing my degree and moving forward with this chapter of my life. I have been debating biting the bullet sooner then anticipated and looking for a job in Boston in January instead of waiting to apply for graduate school and then waiting to hopefully get accepted. I am ready to get out of Utah and expand my world. Although, I do enjoy both my practicum and my work it’ll be good to move forward. I don’t know what it is about Boston that seems so magical I have never even been there, but for some reason when I think about wanting to live there something about it feels right.

I ran 4 miles on Sunday, we all know by my posting of times that I am not exceptionally fast but when I get discouraged I have to remind myself that I have only been really training for a month and I will get faster, as well as build up stamina as I continue. I took this ab-fab picture of myself while walking back to my car.

I had to entertain myself somehow – it’s the little things right?

I Survived Rapture 2011

Since I survived rapture I guess that means I didn’t make it to heaven so while I’m waiting for eternal damnation
I  might as well live it up by….
Playing Games
And of course 
Kissing and Cuddling these two. 
even when they don’t want me too

this is how I feel today…. 
on the plus side I did complete my 10k as planned yesterday
attempted to run today and made it approximately 1 mile walking strolling at a grandma’s pace
oh well, better luck tomorrow


Today after I got off my internship and before I went into work I went to TJ Maxx with my bestest friend Benton, and it was there that he purchased me this fabulous purse. That gem of a guy got me a purse! I wanted it bad, but couldn’t justify digging into my college tuition money to fund it. I just went to look, you see today at my internship I had to use a reusable grocery bag to house all of my things. I had 2 bottles of water, an energy drink, a protein shake, a bag of beef jerky, a wallet and my glass case… and those things were not going to fit in the tinsy purse I generally use. Then while looking I found the perfect green JPK purse, it was lust at first sight. It was big enough to hold the multitude of liquids I use throughout the day as well as the misc. items that end there. I was tittering when he grabbed it from me and got it for me. So THANK YOU Benton. You really are swell.

Hey Vogue I am waiting for you to put me in your next issue… look at that pose!

It’s so big it makes my sandwich look small… loves it!
On another note here are some pictures of Benton and I when we ran/walked Memory grove forever ago. We have gotten so much more professional since that silly run…. we never stop and take goofy awesome pictures anymore…. right *eye roll*

And just for fun a picture of benton being a balloon moose at my graduation….


How adorable is this? I love Rockstar and I love pink… perhaps its fate.The straw is just a cute added bonus. It’s pretty tasty too. I’m obviously working hard at my internship 🙂

It’s almost the weekend!

I thought that today was going to be a rest day from running but that didn’t end up happening… what did end up happening was I ran three miles that seemed to take forever but really only took 38 minutes and 5 seconds, blah. I figured that if I ran today that tomorrow I could sleep in late, late, late and catch up on my rest. For the rest of the evening I am going to have a wondrous relaxing evening filled with these things I picked up from the store…

Cosmo, Bubble Bath, Mud Mask and Fizzy Tub Colors… they just looked fun and happy. Tomorrow will really be a rest day and then Friday I have no work and no internship so I can be focused and rested for my attempt at a 10k. Get it buddy.